About Us:

Silvern Works LLC was established in September 2023 by Ken Silvern. Our focus is on making unique, handmade knives and other items for those who value craftsmanship. Our first product is the Silvern Wood Carving Knife, made using O1 tool steel, solid hardwood handles, and “micarta”-style bolsters for extra stability. The heat treatment is done in-house, resulting in Rockwell hardness of 60-62. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for new products or any improvements. We aim to make this a collaborative effort with the wood-carving community.

Featured on the List of the Best Wood Carving Knives!

“The blade size, shape, edge, and thickness are all ideal for working with basswood and even work great when carving cherry and walnut. Everything from the blade to the handles are well thought out and are perfect for anyone looking for a quality made whittling knife!” – Carving is Fun