What's Next, After Your Order?

Silvern Wood Carving Knives are all created by one person. Me, Ken Silvern. If you are reading this and have placed an order, you will be joining me in the early stages of this product. Who knows, someday these early knives might appreciate in value. You’ll be able to distinguish them by the colors of the bolster, which I intend to change in later iterations.


Once I receive your order, I will match the handle and bolster with the blade, which will already be heat-treated, and glue it with epoxy. I’ll shape, sand and engrave the handle with my initials and a serial number indicating the week and year. The handle is finished with a homemade Danish oil. Once dry, after a couple of days, I will finish grinding the blade, a process started before heat treatment. Then there’s nothing left to do but ship the order.

I hope you like it! 

What's Next For Silvern Works?

Firstly, I intend to produce quality carving knives for the foreseeable future. I’ll eventually lock in an amount that I can produce per week, hopefully keeping up with demand. In the beginning, I know I can make over 50 a week and that number can only grow.


Depending on feedback and suggestions I may create more knife options to address the needs of the community. More handles are certainly a possibility, as well.  


A later goal is to forge gouges and v-tools, being careful to work with the metal at the correct temperature so as to not introduce stress fractures and compromise the integrity of the steel.  Those will be available once I can establish a method that meets these goals and invent a handle for this type of tool.