Silvern Wood Carving Knife – Dymalux Handle

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Special edition “Dymalux” handle Silvern Wood Carving Knives are made using O1 tool steel and “micarta”-style bolsters for extra stability. The heat treatment is done in-house, resulting in Rockwell hardness of 60-62. The knives are 1/16″ thick and vary in length and width depending on the style. All knives are ground convex, or “Appleseed”. All handles measure 5″ in length and around 3/4″ in thickness.

Select a handle shape from the drop-down list to preview the handle shape in hardwood, although this listing is for Dymalux handles (I just love the pictures my friend took of these).

The general use knife is created to be balanced between a detail knife and a roughing knife. The blade is 1.5″ or 1.75″ long. Perfect for most projects and people of all skill levels.

The detail knife is created to be used for fine detail. The blade is 1″ long. Perfect for smaller projects and more advanced carvers.

The roughing knife is created to remove material faster, due to the longer blade length and width . The blade is 2″ long and about 0.5″ wide. Perfect for larger projects and more advanced carvers.

All carving knives with custom handles are made to order.

Blade Length

1" Detail, 1.5" General, 1.75" General, 2" Roughing

Handle Shape

Silvern Handle, Oval Handle, Crescent Handle

1 review for Silvern Wood Carving Knife – Dymalux Handle

  1. Brian from Carving is Fun (verified owner)

    Wonderful and Beautiful knife for whittling! They slice through wood with ease and are sturdy enough for me to use on my harder woods like Cherry. Absolutely something that I will keep in my wood carving tool kit.

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